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Tiffany Hewitt: Executive Director

Born and raised a yooper, Tiffany resides in Gladstone with her husband, Ben, their three children, Porter, Ruby, and Vince and great pyrenees, Alaska. Always having community in mind...Y.E.S was born in professional partnership with the Community Foundation for Delta County--built on recognizing needs of our local youth. Tiffany thrives on building relationship, collaboration and connecting the dots, so if you have an idea to say YES to our youth with us, please reach out to her. Tiffany enjoys seeing the world with her family adventuring near and far and often outdoors. She favors 1970's campers with names like Ralphie, prefers pine trees and starry skies, and refuels with coffee and genuine conversation.


Josie Baxter: Program Director

Born and raised in the U.P., Josie lives in Escanaba and has for her entire life. Josie is currently studying to get her bachelor's degree in psychology by taking classes at the University of Green Bay Wisconsin. Josie has had a passion for working with her local youth since the age of 12. Josie loves being able to be one of the many reasons the kids she meets smiles each day. She joined Y.E.S. in order to be more involved in her community and make a positive impact on her local youth. If she is not working with kids at one of our many programs, you will find her outdoors or with her nose in her schoolwork. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking, longboarding, boating, and gardening. Josie often    comes up with some sort of craft that usually ends in a mess and a laugh!

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